The Google tools will make it easy to connect, share, recommend, like, advise and work together online are now available in the workplace, and will disrupt traditional working practices in ways that we are only just beginning to realise. Your future is digital with Google!

In Africa, 40 percent annual growth in e-commerce activity is predicted over the next decade. To realise the benefits fully, though, e-commerce businesses and entrepreneurs will need to overcome a number of challenges.

Globally, roughly 45% of people are connected to the internet. In Africa, with its population of well over a billion, that percentage drops to an estimated 26.5%.

Over the next decade, the process of sharing and developing ideas will be dramatically accelerated by the advance of these relatively young technologies having a major impact on the way products and services are brought to market, businesses are structured, job roles are created and talent is attracted, rewarded and retained.

They are transforming how we interact, and people can now easily and immediately come together across borders to solve problems and influence others.